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La Chips Française Finement salée 150g
La Chips Française

Finely Salted French Crisps 150g

French Chips are thick, crunchy chips, slowly cooked in a cauldron, slightly salty and low in fat (Nutri-Score B). 
100% French and artisanal, with authentic flavors, it comes from environmentally friendly agriculture. Made on the Coquerel farm in Aisne by Etienne and André, two childhood friends, sons of farmers, French Chips are the result of their desire to undertake and their passion for aperitifs and good products of French soil. La Chips Française proudly displays the values ​​and quality of 100% French! HASstart with the potatoes: they are grown in the fields of the family farm which surround the artisanal chip factory. 
Delicately salty, the Chips Française is supplied by the only salt producer in Hauts-de-France, Xavier Helsmoortel, who makes his fleur de sel from water harvested at Cap Gris-Nez on the Deux Caps site. 
Cooked in cold-pressed sunflower oil, it obtains its light golden color, with the fruity smell and subtle flavor of fresh sunflower seeds, without coloring, without preservatives and without GMOs. 🇫🇷French Chips: Symbol of our Heritage and Conviviality 🌿 Proud to carry high the colors of the heritage of our terroirs and the aperitif, Chips Française is the embodiment of tradition and shared pleasure. 🥂 ✨A Guaranteed Friendly Moment ✨ Whether with family, friends, watching an exciting football match or during a romantic candlelit dinner, French Chips are the perfect accompaniment for memorable moments. 🏆Olympic Year 2024: Support the French Chips 🎉 2024 is an Olympic year for La Chips Française. 🎉 🌟Support and share a good time while enjoying our delicious French Chips while following Euro Football 2024 and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. 🏅 🇫🇷Celebrate French sporting spirit and indulgence with us! 🥔Discover the authenticity and unique flavor of French Chips today! 🥔 The pleasure of a crispy bite, the taste of tradition: Chips Française, the reference in conviviality since always. #FrenchChips #Conviviality #OlympicYear2024

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