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La Chips Française

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French Chips are thick, crunchy chips, slowly cooked in a cauldron, lightly salted and low in fat (Nutri-Score B). 100% French and artisanal, with authentic flavors, it comes from agriculture that respects the environment.

Made at the Coquerel farm in the Aisne by Etienne and André, two childhood friends, sons of farmers, the French Chips is the result of their entrepreneurial spirit and their passion for aperitifs and good products. from the French soil.

La Chips Française proudly displays the values and quality of 100% French! Starting with the potatoes: they are grown in the fields of the family farm that surround the artisanal chips factory. Delicately salted, the Chips Française is supplied by the only salt producer in Hauts-de-France, Xavier Helsmoortel, who shapes his fleur de sel from water collected at Cap Gris-Nez on the Deux Caps site. Cooked in cold-pressed sunflower oil, it thus obtains its light golden color, with the fruity smell and the subtle flavor of fresh sunflower seeds, without coloring, without preservatives and without GMOs.

Proud to wear the colors of the heritage of our terroirs and aperitifs, the Chips Française is ideal for sharing a convivial moment with family, friends, in front of a football match or around a romantic dinner.
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