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  • Location Marne - France
  • Since 2021
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THAAS CHIPS: it's YOUR chips, 100% French!

This is the story of 2 brothers, David and Manu, who produce potatoes on their plots located in the Marne in the village of THAAS (do not pronounce “cup” but “your”!). Intrigued by what could become of their potatoes, they decide one day to produce their own chips in order to offer a local and tasty product. The name of the brand is found for these brothers who are not lacking in the second degree!

The strong points:

Low temperature cooking under vacuum (from a French patent). The advantages: 1- Respect for the food, avoids overcooking fats, therefore, THAAS chips have a strong reduction in the risk of acrylamide. / 2- The organoleptic aspects of the potato are better preserved: a real taste of potato! / 3- Thaas Chips are much less fatty than store-bought crisps.

Less salt: A THAAS crisps contains about half as much salt than an industrial crisps, because we don't have to hide the good taste of our potatoes.

Innovative packaging: THAAS CHIPS packaging has three advantages, the first is to have good shelf life, the second to allow the consumer to take it in hand. Its moldboard shape allows the chips to be released easily or outright, without the need for a container. And the third is to protect the chips well: 0 breakage.
Short circuit: from producer to consumer: THAAS CHIPS has no intermediary, and manages the production of the crisps, from the growth of the potato stalk to the packaging of the packet of crisps. Everything is under control: growing, harvesting, processing and distribution. Notably, the carbon footprint for the transport of the raw material is therefore zero! High Environmental Value (HVE) certification: Respect for the earth, Respect for consumers. For the sake of transparency vis-à-vis consumers, David and Manu play the card of specifications specific to their potato production. 100% natural and sometimes surprising flavors: In association with other artisans, we offer a lemon, farm onion crisps by dehydrating them, Clovis vinegar by soaking them, chocolate etc.

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