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COFFRET DEMAQUILLANT - LE DÉMAQUILLANT CRÈME visage 125ml + son Pot Béton Rechargeable Beige Rosé
La Crème Libre

MAKE-UP REMOVER SET - 125ml face CREAM MAKE-UP REMOVER + its Pink Beige Refillable Concrete Jar

Discover LA CRÈME LIBRE, the first brand of 100% refillable face care, with 100% natural, clean, vegan and French formulas! Unisex, it is suitable for sensitive skin, pregnant and breastfeeding women, children over 3 years old. 1️⃣ THE CREAM MAKE-UP REMOVER IN ITS ECO-REFILL Its texture is melting and silky. It leaves a light lipid film on the skin after very pleasant rinsing. Its fragrance is fresh and aquatic (natural fragrance without essential oils). Apply to face, eyes and lips for gentle make-up removal. It is recommended for normal skin and for light make-up. 🌿 An eco-designed treatment; our packaging is optimized and reduced by 90%. The packaging is made of recycled and recyclable materials. 🚀 Key assets: * Normandy apple seed oil for an antioxidant effect * Meurthe et Moselle cucumber extract for hydration and radiance * Chlorella algae from Brittany which balances the microbiota and detoxifies 🧪 Formulated without controversial ingredients or from petrochemicals or animal origin. 🥕 Rated Excellent on the Yuka app. Dermatologically tested and certified Cosmos Natural by Ecocert®. 2️⃣ A POT LIKE NO OTHER The LA CRÈME LIBRE refillable concrete jar is handmade by a craftsman in Champagne-Ardenne. A real decorative object for your bathroom, it can be recharged indefinitely or reused as a decorative object (jewelry jar, for your plants, or to create your candles). The materials composing the pots are of natural origin and supplied in France. 3️⃣ IN 2022, WE RECHARGE INSTEAD OF RECYCLING! * For their first purchase, offer your customers the concrete pot duo with its LA CRÈME LIBRE eco-refill * You can then offer them to recharge their product once finished by buying the eco-refill in your shop

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