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OKA France Cosmétics

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  • Since 2015
  • Distribution Biocoop, La Vie Claire, Pural
The organic shea butter from OKA France Cosmétics is an exceptional product. It differs from other butters because of its geo-climatic origin. In Guinea Conacry in the highlands grows a shea tree which produces a smaller nut, very rich in oilseeds. The region is innervated by the tributaries of the Niger. Water is abundant there and contributes to the quality of the butter.

Karim, Franco-Guinean, has the intelligence of the beautiful, when he discovers shea, he intuitively understands that he touches a rare product with character. With his dual nationality, he undertakes this great adventure, like a link between his two Nations. He knew how to surround himself both in Guinea where he goes 4 times a year, to the bush to meet women collectors, and in France. In Africa in the field, the team is built around our agricultural engineer who specializes in the shea sector. As he masters many dialects, Tenkiano is our pillar on site with women's groups. Andromache the second for the administrative part, the official bodies. Kamara manages the field logistics. In France Audrey provides, among other things, the administrative part, Brigitte completes the team. Eder, who recently joined the company, organizes and manages the laboratory. Thus, we perfectly master the entire sector, part of a fair trade approach, Fair For Live, in organic farming, certified AB, Cosmos organic and Vegan.

Our range has grown over the years. We offer a more sensual and delicious Monoï shea balm. It meets the requirements of women over 40, easy to use, it literally melts on the body. And like 100% shea, it can be applied from head to toe! A cold saponified soap, made from more than 50% of shea and superfatted in shea, without perfume or essential oils completes our range. If it is aimed at everyone, it is a delight for mothers, for the toilet of toddlers!
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