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Beautiful Polish makeup brand, Paese, takes its name from an Italian word meaning "COUNTRY". A land of beauty for women of all skin types and beauty.

It is a truly high-end brand that is characterized by quality and its wide range of products, colors, but also by its innovative formulas and attractive and neat packaging.

The integration of production within the company itself allows us to have a particularly demanding product design and manufacturing process. Our researchers choose the best ingredients, not just on the basis of their functionality, but also for their nutritional properties.

The main advantages of Paese are the continuous improvement and expansion of its product line.

All of our cosmetics are created on the basis of nutrients and natural components. They contain vitamin complexes, oils, waxes, minerals and natural UV filters in their formulas.

Paese cosmetics are appreciated all over the world, and particularly by top makeup professionals, especially in the world of Fashion and Cinema.

Welcome to our beautiful "Country"!
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