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L'Atelier Flower Box

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  • Since 2019
The Atelier Flower Box brand was founded in 2019 in Paris. From its love for “timeless refinement”, it is only natural that Atelier Flower Box is synonymous with elegance, charm and luxury.

For lovers & lovers of remarkable products but also for lovers period. The Flower Box from Atelier Flower Box is an exceptional gift for all occasions. A gift that will find a place in your interior forever.

Atelier Flower Box is a passion for the art of decoration and floral design.

Artificial flowers last forever, these perfectly realistic retain their shape and colors thanks to the quality of the fabrics and the assembly technique that are used during their creation. They are delicately placed in splendid round hat boxes or caskets which make the presentation of the flowers even more modern and wonderful.

It's up to you to choose the shape of your box and the color of your flowers...

And we take care of the rest.

With Love.
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