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Leo and Bib

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  • Since 2014
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Whilst spending another crafty afternoon round the kitchen table, my young children thought it would be fun to draw little pictures on an old water damaged book.
It was indeed fun and very soon these whimsical little sketches and scribblings gave birth to a little boy and girl called Leo and Bib.
Once snipped from the pages, the two characters took on their own adventures, as they entered new stories past and present.
I created delicate little collages using a mix of book pages and vintage patterns. Imagining new worlds whilst drawing inspiration from some of our favourite children book characters and stories. All in all I was having a lot of fun developing my creative skills and bringing happy little smiles to lots of lovely customers.
This was back in 2013 and a lot has changed since then. The two little characters have grown up and living new lives now. But I feel so happy to have met them and they are still very much in my family's hearts. They changed our life in ways that I did not think possible. And I owe them a lot.
Now I concentrate more on party decorations (don't ask how I got there but it mainly involved gin!). I still use old book pages, patterned papers and textures, collaged together to make something new.
But instead of snipping away all day long I use the magic of modern technology, which has helped build the little business into a more sustainable long-term adventure.
An adventure which I invite you all to join!
So a big big thank you for all your support along the way and an even bigger happy happy adventure to you :)
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