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I live and have my studio in Hindås, outside Gothenburg (Sweden). Started my professional career at an advertising agency and stayed in that industry for over 20 years as an employee. About 10 years ago, I took the step and invested in my own brand. Today I work as an illustrator and designer with the West Coast in Sweden as a base.

Colourful in all it’s combinations is recurring in most things I do. Especially when it comes to my scarves and art. Tickle your senses with bold colour combinations. It makes me happy, and hopefully, you too.

A couple of years ago, I resumed my interest in ceramics. I love that my everyday things around me, are designed with feeling and awareness. Also made with love. That’s what craft is. No two cups are exactly alike. A nice detail when you think about it. Do you have a mug from me? In that case, my hands have shaped what you drink your coffee from every morning.
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