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Twenty Birds

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Monica Gabb is the designer and creator of Twenty Birds. She is a Designer and loves exploring image and print. She Grew up in the south and gained her Masters Degree in Sequential Design and Illustration at the University of Brighton in 2006. During this year she moved to North Yorkshire.
Twenty Birds originated from Monica’s fascination of the wide variety of pattern and colour within varying birds. She is drawn to collections and displaying the differences and similarities within a group; finding order in layout, correlation in shape and contrast in scaling and pattern.
When she began designing these triangular birds she noticed repetition in colour and marks and wanted to find out if she could overlap them between birds. Monica constructed a template to fit 20 birds of varying size and rotation. She spent time working on the best combinations and amount of abstractions sticking to straight lines only. She wanted to stay true to original colour ways yet reduce the amount of tone variation.
Monica designs all of her products and has been sure to find UK based printers and producers for her cards, mugs, tea towels and fabric. Monica prints and produces all of her original screen prints and finishes the cut-out cards. All of the Hanging decorations are entirely made by Monica one the fabric has been digitally printed in the UK.
Monica is keen to ensure that her packaging is plastic free where possible. Some cards need to be protected by compostable cellos if they have pop outs. All other packaging is paper and card based and is recyclable
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