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Mirabo: play and learn English - educational game in augmented and virtual reality Mirabo is a new innovative learning method unique in the world based on fun and immersive games that allow your children to be immersed in their lesson. Complementary to the school program, your kids will learn English effortlessly! Educational game from 6 years old, for girls and boys.
Thanks to augmented reality and virtual reality, children learn English through a fun and playful experience!
Contents of the box: a VR headset, a book and an easel (the product can be used with smartphone & tablet). Ios and Android compatible.
Suitable for children with learning disabilities (Dyslexia, ADD / HD)
More than 300 animations of pirates, animals, princes and princesses to learn in a lively way!
Mirabo is made in France. To protect the safety of your children: remember to adjust the brightness of the phone, turn off the blue lights and limit the time of use. The application can also be used in airplane mode.
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