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Ail des Ours Biologique
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Ail des Ours Biologique

Wild garlic Organic in olive oil, like all wild plants, it is full of miraculous virtues. And then, it's so good in a dish ... The so-called “forgotten” plants and vegetables are resurfacing. And that's good because our dishes are finally more diversified and we are always learning more about the richness of nature that surrounds us. Especially since these plants have significant virtues. This is the case with wild garlic, a real treasure for the taste buds. Consumed since prehistoric times, it is easy to grow, easy to cook. Here are ten good reasons to succumb to it: Wild garlic is a seasonal wild plant. It grows from late winter until spring in the undergrowth, near streams and in shady, damp gardens. Hence its name, because this period corresponds to the end of the hibernation of the bears which feast on this plant. It is therefore the right time to (re) discover it and enhance its dishes. Everything is edible about wild garlic, even the flowers! And this plant does not require maintenance, it is wild and grows on its own. How to find her? Its flowers are white, small, star-shaped and the leaves are long, they resemble those of lily of the valley. But BE CAREFUL, the latter being toxic, it is better not to confuse them. To easily identify wild garlic, all you have to do is crumple the leaf a little and if it smells of garlic, it is it. Wild garlic has a very similar smell and taste to garlic, but does not resemble it. It is softer. This plant can be eaten raw or cooked and is associated with many foods. There is no shortage of examples for cooking: in pesto, butter, sauce, infusion, condiment for salads, pasta, risotto, omelets, quiches, pies, savory cakes, pan-fried dishes, raclettes, etc. As a wild plant, wild garlic is full of "magic" virtues. Consuming this kind of plant also means becoming aware of all that the nature that surrounds us brings us and that it is a very precious good to preserve. Wild garlic is more easily digested than garlic. It disinfects the intestine and includes deworming properties. It is also a great natural medicine for relieving stomach aches, bloating, and diarrhea. Its virtues are similar to those of garlic, but in an even more concentrated way. This plant is packed with antioxidant vitamin C. Besides the benefits for the digestive system, wild garlic stimulates blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. Consuming it can help eliminate bad cholesterol. It is a natural antibiotic. Wild garlic helps relieve viral and respiratory infections. It is recommended in cases of rheumatism, arthritis due to its depurative properties. This plant is also very popular in herbal medicine (extracts, powders, tinctures, capsules, tablets, ointments, etc.)

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