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Pasta del Capitano 1905

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1905 - PASTA DEL CAPITANO, the first toothpaste to be launched in Italy, from a recipe by Clemente Ciccarelli (pharmacist and cavalry captain) and is still the most popular Italian toothpaste. Since then, the effigy and the signature of its creator, on packaging and advertising materials, help to give consumers the quality of our products. The new premium Line of Pasta del Capitano is inspired to the original ancient packaging. A Vintage style that will establishing a new brand day for the oral care items. Pasta del Capitano 1905 is a complete line of products for oral hygiene, with formulations that pay particular attention to safety aspect. They contain Sulfetal ZN, a patented and exclusive molecule based on Zinc. This innovative solution has allowed us to eliminate the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, triclosan, parabens and formaldehyde donor preservatives. The line includes 8 toothpastes, Charcoal, Original Recipe, Whitening, Sensitive, Natural Herbs, Sicily Lemon, Vitamins ACE, Smokers, and a toothpaste tube squeezer.
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