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Passionate about chocolate...

Soopergood was born in 2018 when two work colleagues discovered the same passion for healthy food. Both of us started a plant based diet and decided to ditch sugar and we never felt better. One day on our lunch break we fancied some chocolate, however when popping to the shops we couldn’t find any vegan and sugar free chocolate made from natural ingredients. Aahh

At this point we had a Sooper Good idea: “Let’s make our own healthy chocolate.” We spend countless hours tasting different formulations to find the perfect balance between healthy ingredients and delicious taste until one day we said: “OMG This chocolate is SooperGood.”

Now we would like to share our creations with all of you and show that you still can enjoy delicious chocolate without adding all the nasty stuff. We are proud to introduce you to the brand new world of guilt free chocolate where all sugar is replaced with 100% natural alternatives and you won’t have to think twice about what’s in it.
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