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2023 "No-War" Desk Calendar A5 Size (21x15cm)

2023 "No-War" Desk Calendar A5 Size (21x15cm)

Banksy has used art as a weapon against war throughout his career. Known for his unapologetic criticisms of political institutions, military and financial today, Banksy expresses this through his images iconic, but always relevant. The A5 format calendar consists of 14 printed pages front and back. The image chosen on the cover (The Flower Thrower ”) is Banksy's most iconic work, which has become an anti-war symbol. The reference to the “NO WAR Edition” is rather marked and evident, it gives the consumer a theme immediate and current. The back of the inside pages gives an image full sheet of Banksy's original work, while on the front of the inside pages, presents a minimalist and elegant graphics, with only partial recall of Banksy's image highlighted on the back of the page itself. There's a clear view of the month, with with the holidays and with the option to take note of appointments and timetables.

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