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Walk with me

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  • Location Barcelona
  • Since 2016
Walk with me was born in late 2016 as a personal exercise by designer Deira Reina to design products avoiding excesses.

 The intention in each design is to magnify the essential and dispense with the excessive and unnecessary.

The designs find inspiration in the simplicity of a minimalist construction, evoking a journey back to the roots of a product with the intention of designing useful and multifunctional products.

 The Walk with me design team plays with the dynamics of clean elements to create timeless pieces. The use of sustainable materials, and a design thought in the utility of each detail define our values. Designed for everyday use, with a clear commitment to multifunctionality, Walk with me products offer a neutral and classic design without overloading it with unnecessary features.

Walk with me produces under a high quality standard. The own workshop ensures to maintain absolute control over it, from where it is designed, prototyped and produced.
In this way, we control each and every process to try to optimize resources.
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