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  • Since 2017
28 JUIN offers you natural scented candles handcrafted in our Varois workshop.

They are designed, created and manufactured in France, in a 100% eco-responsible approach.

Our pots are handcrafted in eco-responsible resin.

The composition of the candles is made of vegetable wax (rapeseed wax) and Grasse perfume of natural origin.
No additive is added to the wax to improve the color or the aesthetic result.

Our perfumes are exclusive creations created with perfumers from Grasse and according to very precise specifications.
Our perfumes are composed of natural ingredients & of natural origin, without animal materials, containing neither CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic) substances, nor phthalates.

The label of your candle is to be planted!
It is held on the pot with biodegradable string.
Once planted, it will give birth to pretty shoots 🌱.

28 JUNE is a brand that does not compromise on the dangers to health and the suffering caused to animals and nature.

Our goal: to offer you a pretty everyday object, with a healthy composition and responsible ingredients.
All without causing harm to any living being.
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