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Collection Maroc

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  • Since 2016
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Each piece is handcrafted by craftsmen who have mastered know-how for sometimes several generations and work with unprocessed natural materials so that each object is unique. Moroccan craftsmanship is the antipode of mass production. In this collection, we find the organic forms of Laurel wood appreciated for its light tint, Palm leaves dried in the Marrakech sun, rolled, then braided, forged metal, terracotta molded on potter's wheels activated with the foot balance, manual spinning before moving on to weaving rugs, cushions or plaids, etc. It's hard not to appreciate a creation with so many assets.

In addition to being designed by hand and with natural materials, the objects and small furniture have simple, basic shapes, those that you never get tired of. This particular characteristic allows them to be easily integrated into any interior, whatever the style adopted or the current trend. As practical as it is pretty, a Moroccan Bench will easily find its place in an entrance hall or at the end of a bed, a Stool as an extra seat or a Chest as storage for clothes or games for our little ones. A lasting crush.
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