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  • Location Le siège social se trouve dans la Loire et les produits ont été conçus à Divonne les Bains et fabriqués en France dans des laboratoires isocertifiés et ecocertifiés
  • Since 2008
  • Distribution Pharmacie en France et en Suisse
  • Instagram 426 followers
The Ginginat brand was created by Dr. Vervelle who sought to improve the oral hygiene of his patients. Not being satisfied with what he could find on the market (too aggressive, tasteless and ineffective). He decides to do research and after 5 years of study, he begins to use the Ginginat range in his practice. In 2018, I bought the company with the aim of developing these products to become accessible to the public.
It is the 1st patented range for gum hygiene.
There are natural ingredients such as propolis, essential oils of fragonia or manuka or organic aloe vera. These products are free of parabens, toxic preservatives, menthol, fluorine, titanium dioxide and lauryl sulfate.
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