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Hamburg Blue

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  • Since 2019
Ever had goosebumps on your tongue?

Next level for the taste buds. Hamburg Blue is one of the purest premium vodkas - in Lux quality and distilled 6 times.
In order to create this Hamburg landmark, we ventured into unimagined regions. To where the oldest distilling tradition
is at home in the world and vodka manufacture is being perfected: in the Carpathians.
Washed with all Carpathian waters.

Our ingredients create images in your head. No wonder: for the production we use crystal clear Carpathian water enriched with amber.
And our quality wheat grows on fertile black soil into what we record with every single drop of vodka in the bottle: an incomparable treat.
The taste: excellent!

There are many types of vodka. But only one to which you say at some point: "This is probably the best vodka I've ever drunk."
The expert jury of the World Vodka Awards 2021 saw it in a similar way and named Hamburg Blue the "Country Winner" of the vodka stronghold Ukraine.
Pleasure to be proud of.

Our current "Give it a Shot" campaign ensures visibility and guarantees buying impulses. So that our heart project continues to grow, we invest in marketing measures and speak
our target group. This not only guarantees demand, but above all great enjoyment for everyone.
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