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Bol chantant en quartz "Chakra Coeur" avec sacoche (FA - 432Hz)
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"Heart Chakra" quartz singing bowl with bag (FA - 432Hz)

Connect to your inner source of love, peace and compassion with this beautiful "Heart Chakra" Quartz Singing Bowl. This singing bowl, made of 99.99% quartz, produces the note FA and emits a vibration of 432 Hz. This note and frequency correspond vibrationally to the heart chakra. Located in the middle of the rib cage, the heart chakra is the energy center corresponding to Love, Peace and Compassion. It is through it that one interacts harmoniously with the world, and finds one's place within it. By tapping into the wisdom of the heart chakra, one learns to fully accept oneself and the Other, but also to establish one's boundaries. It is he who helps us define what we want to welcome into our lives and what we prefer to leave outside our individual sphere. The heart chakra is the connection point between the upper chakras (crown chakra, third eye chakra and throat chakra) and the lower chakras (root chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra). It is therefore in him that the energies of Earth and Heaven meet, which pass through and animate us. An imbalanced or blocked heart chakra can give rise to several symptoms. For example, one may feel "disconnected" or have difficulty feeling love. Depression and anxiety can also occur. On a physical level, a closed heart chakra can lead to a feeling of tension or even pain in the chest. Balanced and open, the heart chakra allows a free flow of Love in our life. We learn to love and be loved. A feeling of joyful peace lives in us, and we make our decisions in accordance with our deep nature. We feel at peace with the world around us, but also with ourselves. Through energy work on the heart chakra with this singing bowl, you will restore balance to this energy center, and feel filled with love and peace again. Indeed, the specific frequency emitted by your bowl will bring the heart chakra back to its natural frequency, and will therefore remove blockages and tensions in this energy center. This singing bowl is made of 99.99% quartz and hand polished by experienced craftsmen. It has a smooth grain and a delicate finish. High quality craftsmanship for precise note, perfect sound and optimal vibration. Your "Heart Chakra" Quartz Singing Bowl comes complete with a circular stand, a rubber mallet, a suede mallet and a carrying case. FEATURES - Material: Quartz - Diameter: about 23cm - Hand polished

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