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Bol chantant en quartz "Chakra Coronal" avec sacoche (SI - 432Hz)
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"Coronal Chakra" quartz singing bowl with bag (SI - 432Hz)

Connect to Universal Wisdom with this stunning "Coronal Chakra" Quartz Singing Bowl. This high quality singing bowl is made of 99.99% quartz. It emits a 432Hz vibration and produces the note SI, which corresponds to the crown chakra. Located at the top of the skull, the crown chakra is the energy center corresponding to the connection to the Divine and to the higher planes. It is through it that we connect to universal consciousness, beyond our individual consciousness alone. Through it we can channel information from the subtle realms. It thus helps us to connect with the guidance of our guardian angels, for example. It is also through him that we find our place and our balance within the Universe. When out of balance, the crown chakra gives rise to various symptoms such as feeling lost or confused. One may also lack inspiration and flexibility, have difficulty imagining, dreaming, or feeling alone and disconnected from the rest of Creation. Purified and open, the crown chakra allows one to be aware of one's place in the Universe. You feel balanced, clear-headed, and connected to your intuition. It is easier to channel the information emanating from the higher spheres and to connect to its guides. We see each event as part of the universal plan, and are less thrown off balance by the unexpected. We move forward in the awareness that we are guided and protected. Through energy work on the crown chakra with this singing bowl, you will rebalance this energy center, and feel connected again to the Universe. Indeed, the specific frequency and note of this bowl will "remind" it of its natural frequency, thus dissipating blockages and tensions possibly present in this energy center. This singing bowl is made of 99.99% quartz. It is hand-polished by experienced craftsmen, resulting in a smooth grain and delicate finish. This high-quality realization allows precise note, perfect sound and optimal vibration. Your "Crown Chakra" quartz singing bowl comes with a circular stand, a rubber mallet, a suede mallet and a Karma Yoga Shop carry bag. FEATURES - Material: Quartz - Diameter: about 15cm - Hand polished

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