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Bol chantant en quartz "Chakra Sacré" avec sacoche (RE - 432Hz)
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"Sacred Chakra" quartz singing bowl with bag (RE - 432Hz)

Balance your sacral chakra and awaken your creative energies with this elegant "Sacral Chakra" quartz singing bowl. Made of 99.99% pure quartz, this singing bowl emits a frequency of 432Hz and produces the note D, which corresponds to the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is located below the navel. It is the seat of creativity and sexual energy. It is through it that the creative forces that inhabit us, and which translate into our inventiveness and our sexuality, pass. It is he who controls the flow of information between body and mind. Instinct, this intuition experienced in the physical body, also comes from this energy center. When out of balance, the sacral chakra will produce various symptoms. For example, we may experience confusion, extreme dependence on others, difficulty in feeling joy or even a fear of sensuality or sexuality. Balanced, on the other hand, the Sacral Chakra energetically expresses itself through heightened pleasure and a deep joy of being embodied here on Earth. Creative energy flows smoothly, giving rise to a flood of inspiration. You feel comfortable and fulfilled in your sexuality. In parallel with other approaches such as the regular practice of a creative activity, it is possible to rebalance and stimulate your sacral chakra thanks to the power of singing bowls. This pure quartz singing bowl produces the note RE, which corresponds to this energy center. By ringing it above the sacral chakra, the latter is "brought back" to its fundamental vibration, and thus gradually cleared of its blockages. This singing bowl is made of 99.99% pure quartz. It is hand-polished by experienced craftsmen, and has a smooth grain and delicate finish. This high-quality construction produces precise note, perfect sound and optimum vibration. Your "Sacred Chakra" Quartz Singing Bowl comes complete with a circular stand, rubber mallet, suede mallet and carrying case. FEATURES - Material: Quartz - Diameter: about 28cm - Hand polished.

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