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  • Since 2017
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Innovation, emotion, respect AND sustainability

Following the idea of upcycling, we handcraft bottle lanterns, drinking glasses, vases, egg cups and much more from empty disposable bottles. An object that has apparently become useless is given a new function and emotionalised through storytelling.

All products are developed, manufactured and lived by us near Aschaffenburg. Only the products that we have tested ourselves and found useful and beautiful will find their way to YOU!

By the way, we are Ute and Martin Beucker with our 4 kids. And since we can't do it all alone, we have the best helping hands that work in all areas, whether production or IT, or photos, or ..

Accessories expand our product range and add value in terms of functionality, design and decoration. All items impress with their simple beauty and quality.

Starting in 2017 with the FlaschenWINDLICHT® the original, new materials such as concrete and individual components made from injection molding, among other things, have also resulted in the bird feeder, the savings bottle, the wind chime, the espresso glass, the candlestick...

You will find many unique pieces in our farm shop, where you can look, browse and buy in peace. So if you are looking for something very special, whether for you or as a gift, MaBe® is the right place for you!

MaBe® attaches great importance to style, tradition and the future, which is why we have been investing in our manufactory since day one. For example, we have the sole right to make an opening in a bottle to ensure the air supply for the candle.

Since sustainability is becoming more and more important in gastronomy, hotels, bars and events, the demand for individual equipment is also increasing here.

Of course we also make something out of YOUR bottle!

.. or do YOU have an inquiry regarding special requests or large quantities? Then write us YOUR idea! We look forward to professionally realizing YOUR project with YOU.
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