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Trained as a pharmacy technician, I worked in several Sarthe pharmacies for 12 years.

When my little boy was born, I started to see life differently. On my scale, I wanted to take care of the nature that I will leave to it. I therefore favored purchases from local producers. So obviously, for food, it's quite simple, but for certified organic cosmetics, it's another story...

I searched, searched but even if the products were French, the manufacturing took place mainly in industry, and concerning the percentage of ingredients of organic origin, let's not talk about it!

So, I started to make my moisturizers myself in order to meet the criteria that I wanted and hoped to find in my cosmetics. Then all this led to the creation of my company at the end of 2019.

I therefore make ODEFRUIT certified organic cosmetics in an artisanal way, in my Sarthois workshop. The percentage of organic ingredients is very high, an average of 92% for face moisturizers. They are rich in fruit acids with an intoxicating smell…

I package all my products in glass bottles, which are returnable.
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