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Old V8 Gin

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  • Since 2022
Old V8 Gin is a foray into the 1930s in a V8 speeding through the night with a load of bootleg gin. It is a tribute to a car that became iconic of a highly turbulent era dense with change.
Old V8 Gin is an ode to elegant rebellion dedicated to all who love freedom.

Old V8 is a genuine and robust Dry Gin, direct and uncompromising, just like the glorious V8 Flathead.

It's a Small Batch! – Old V8 is a Dry Gin handmade using an all-copper bain-marie still. The small capacity of the still dictates production in small batches, thus ensuring the utmost attention to even the smallest details.

It's Double Distilled! – With a focus on making the best possible selection of the aromas contributed by its component botanicals, Old V8 GIN is distilled as many as two times in succession.
The result is a clean, classic Dry Gin with a complex but cohesive bouquet, ideal for traditional mixology.

It's 46% ABV! – The higher alcohol content promotes a better yield of the distillate's aromatic structure.

Juniper berries are steeped in grain alcohol along with 13 other different selected botanicals. The traditional matrix of a Dry Gin given by juniper berries, coriander and angelica root is enriched here with additional spicy notes slow by nutmeg, cumin, and cardamom. Hints of flowery scent appear with thyme, genepì, and chamomile, all cloaked with the precious caress of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla pods.
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