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Palazzo Rosa Le Stanze della Cosmetica

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  • Since 2019
In the beautiful courtyards of Palazzo Rosa, ancient roses have always been grown because they are beautiful, because they are in the family crest and in the surname of the family. But it was in the seventeenth century that Luis de la Rose married Geneviève du Puy for her virtues that did not really include ephemeral beauty. But Geneviève, attracted by the rosehip (the false fruit of the rose) tried to pass it through her hands, finding immediate relief. So it was that she had the brilliant intuition to extract a "miraculous" oil that in a short time (three months) cured her of dermatitis, giving her that beauty of the face she had never had. The recipe was handed down from generation to generation until the unification of Italy. With the unification of Italy, modern roses with those colored petals, with those rich and swollen buds, with those heavenly scents that caress all the senses of the women of the family, enter Palazzo Rosa. And from that moment at the Palazzo, in those cosmetic rooms, there is a continuous inventing of perfumes, essences and lotions. Instead, it was Donna Olga, Carlo's mother, who, on a whim, wanted a damask rose in the rose garden; in fact, in her family home, Donna Olga had an ancient example of Rosa Damascena brought home from Egypt by Bernardino Drovetti with the thousands of objects that make up the Egyptian museum in Turin. Carlo Rosa, the last heir, decides not to disperse this ancient knowledge and creates a cosmetic line with Rosa Damascena that is traditional but innovative, Italian and Bio, Natural and Sustainable. We are giving you a collection of cosmetic wonders in silkscreened glass (no plastic) (no labels) in elegant packaging produced with the best Italian papers. Because Palazzo Rosa loves beauty. Because Palazzo Rosa loves nature.
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