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PetiteFraise Jewelry

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PetiteFraise Jewelry brings magic into the everyday. The pieces I design and make in my studio in London are dreamed and carefully crafted by me. I mainly work with brass, and add beautiful semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls and glass beads to the final pieces.

Sometimes my pieces are essential and simple, sometimes they're bold and statement, but they are always elegant and refined, with a magical and dreamy inspiration. They are like amulets and talismans both for the everyday and for special occasions.

My work is inspired by the diversity of Nature and our Earth; by cosmos and universe; by our beautiful Moon; by different cultures, both ancient and modern, all around the world.

PetiteFraise is dedicated to wandering souls, to free spirited people who love experimenting, who cherish and wear jewellery pieces that are meaninful to them.

I love that, when people choose a PetiteFraise piece, they could feel magical and confident, and see the beauty they bring in themselves. Everyone deserve to see how special, magical and beautiful they are, and how precious our differences and uniqueness are.
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