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Sapin de noel en bois écologique et durable - SAP2-K1

Sapin de noel en bois écologique et durable - SAP2-K1

Are you looking for an eco-friendly wooden Christmas tree for the holidays? If you're tired of throwing away your Christmas tree every year, then Quark has a solution for you. If the exploitation of Sapins for a party of a few days seems to you to be an ecological aberration, then we wish to offer you a sustainable solution. 💫 Delivery before December 1st guaranteed A wooden Christmas tree Opt for the Quark Christmas tree with a pegboard pattern. You will thus have an elegant solution that adapts to your desires. What's more, it's an object that can be reused from one year to the next! We offer a kit of colored pins with the Christmas tree. This way you can hang little surprises on your wooden tree and create your advent calendar! THE BALLS KIT: 25 pins and colored balls (perfect for a homemade advent calendar): 12 pins + Red Marbles 13 pins + Green Marbles Do you want to create an advent calendar? We offer a kit of 25 letters (compatible only with the large Christmas tree of 95 x 48 cm). THE KIT OF FIGURES: 41 wooden pieces + 82 28 mm stainless steel pins 41 3D printed parts + 82 28 mm stainless steel pins A Reusable Christmas Tree In addition, our ecological wooden Christmas tree is made from OSB recovered from the performing arts. This Upcycled Christmas Tree has a very favorable ecological impact. Eco-friendly wooden Christmas tree Made in France Wood: reclaimed OSB Upcycled Object Reusable Compatible with all Quark accessories A Reusable Christmas Tree Quark is committed to the circular economy. Since 2021 Quark has been studying the available solutions to modify its production techniques in order to offer you sustainable products. This is why we design our objects according to the wood panels available on the market. In this way, we limit the creation of raw material scraps as much as possible. Finally, we manufacture only to order in order to limit the waste of resources. We wish with this wooden Christmas tree, to support your desire for a more sustainable Christmas. So do not hesitate to contact us for customization requests. We will be happy to respond to your messages.

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