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My Boo Company

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  • Since 2016
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Created in 2016, My Boo Company is a very committed family business, the culmination of a long personal process. Pioneer by being the first brand to offer bamboo toothbrushes in France, we now offer a wide range of eco-responsible and (almost) zero waste products for the whole house.

Sobriety, frugality and resilience are the central elements guiding our choices and our structuring. All our products are therefore the result of long reflection and meticulous research. Here are our two fundamental levers of action in waste reduction:
> offer reusable, refillable, compostable or recyclable products.
> offer products made in LOW-TECH, recycled and infinitely recyclable, made from 100% waste: depollution and total circular economy.

Just over 80% of our range is made in Europe by committed craftsmen, half of whom are in France. We are also manufacturers: our textile and gypsum ranges are made in our workshop located in Vendée (85).

All our daily professional life is at the service of our convictions: our activity produces almost no waste. For example, no new cardboard has been used for our shipments since 2016 or even we upcycle all our fabric scraps. Decarbonization and CSR hold no secrets for us!

We donate 1% of our turnover to very active environmental associations. We also make a large number of donations in kind (depollution actions, children's and women's health, help for homeless people or people in great difficulty, 100% female sporting events, etc.).

Our philosophy?
Rigor and transparency
Sincerity and closeness
Benevolence and optimism
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