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All brands in one minimum checkout of €300 and always shipping free

  • Location Berlin
  • Since 2016
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souci-illustration - paper goods with charm

Studying and drawing organic shapes is one of my special passions. Again and again I am impressed and inspired by the beauty and diversity of nature. So I never tire of drawing flowers, spreading my enthusiasm into the world and sharing it with others. In addition, my hand-drawn illustrations tell small stories, often tiny incidents from everyday life.

Since the foundation of my label »souci-illustration« in December 2016, I have followed my professional claim to design beautiful, individual and environmentally friendly paper products that enliven and beautify your everyday life. The lovingly developed products are printed in small quantities on environmentally certified paper in Germany.

I cordially invite you to take a stroll through the motifs of »souci-illustration«.

Kind regards
Kerstin Sorge
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