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  • Since 2008
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Belt Bag is the brand of eco-sustainable fashion accessories in upcycling of Occhio del Riciclone, a non-profit Social Cooperative that was founded in 2005 as part of a project for the dissemination of the practice of reuse. Since 2017 Occhio del Riciclone has been collaborating with Humana People to People Italia.

Each Belt Bag is a unique piece in shape and color and is made in Italy in the Pregnana Milanese headquarters which includes the showroom, the style office and the design and production laboratory.
The Belt Bags, with an essential and refined design, are made with pre- and post-consumer recycled corporate materials (seat belts, imitation leather, end-of-roll fabrics, fabric stretchers and textile scraps).

The goal is to do social and ethical business through the reuse of recycled materials and the systematization of the practice of reuse as a new production paradigm for healthy recycling, with low environmental impact and for ethical fashion productions.

The creation of each grant starts from the study of the recovered material and from the design, from the realization of the prototype and ends with the improvement.
Attention to each seam, skimming of defects, study of the material: each phase is important and contributes to creating a product that is unique in shape and color.

All the materials used for the Belt Bag bags are donated by the most prestigious Italian companies producing fabrics and imitation leather.
The fabrics are often combined with seat belts, an identifying element of the brand, which are recovered from the car wreckers, sanitized and reused.
Belt Bag bags are made by artisan designers specializing in the design and production of handmade items.
Each item is produced following an accurate stylistic procedure that allows us to have unique bags finished in the smallest details.
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