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Jungle Buddies - Anti-thrips biologique composé de nématodes
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Jungle Buddies - Anti-thrips biologique composé de nématodes

PROTECTS UP TO 12 PLANTS FOR 6 MONTHS • Actions visible within 48 to 72 hours • Against thrips & fungus gnat larvae • Can be used in organic farming • Easy application by simple watering • Developed and manufactured in France Discover the natural and innovative biocontrol solution that helps you protect your plants. Jungle Buddies are a fast (first results in 48h/72h) and effective biocontrol solution that provides long-lasting control of thrips and soil gnats. They are safe for health, respect the environment and do not impact the growth of your plants. INNOVATIVE / BIO CONTROL Our Jungle Buddies are made from a mixture of diatomaceous earth and several million dormant nematodes. Named Steinernema Feltiae, these are tiny microworms (less than 1mm) invisible to the naked eye that grow naturally in the soil. Once awakened, our little companions immediately begin their mission: search for pest larvae through the upper layers of your substrate and naturally eliminate thrips and soil midges from your indoor plants! NB: Jungle Buddies can also be used to control the plane tree tiger, ants or fruit worms. MADE IN FRANCE Steinernema Feltiae are nematodes found in French soils in their natural state. Those at the origin of the Jungles Buddies are therefore naturally bred and packaged in France. As for the packaging, it is printed and assembled in Gironde. NATURAL AND SUSTAINABLE Compatible with organic farming, Jungle Buddies only attacks pests and therefore respects beneficial organisms as well as crops, humans and pets. Durable, our solution does not lead to any risk of development of resistance in pests (unlike many chemical products...). SIMPLE AND PRACTICAL Very space-saving, each Jungle Buddies can treat a dozen plants and comes in a wettable powder that can be applied with a sprayer or watering can. It can be used all year round and there is no risk of overdose. The little extra: unlike conventional repellents, a single use is enough to protect your indoor plants for several months (provided you follow the instructions for use) Composition: nematodes and diatomaceous earth Directions for use: “living” solution, nematodes are fragile auxiliaries. Here are some tips to use your Jungle Buddies in the best conditions and allow it to reveal its full potential: - The floor temperature must be between 10°C and 30°C - The floor surface should be moist (but not soggy) - Treat preferably in the evening (your little companions do not like sunlight very much) - Preferably treat the leaves in the case of the fight against thrips, and the soil in the case of the fight against fungus gnats - If there are some white residues (diatomaceous earth) on the leaves, wait a few days before rinsing them gently In case of heavy infestation, repeat the treatment 7 days later and water the treated area regularly (keep the soil moist). Storage Requirements: If you can, try to apply Jungle Buddies within days of receiving it. Otherwise, store it in the dark in a refrigerator between 4 and 10°C. Take care not to exceed the expiration date (the effectiveness of the treatment would be considerably reduced). Shelf life: 6 days / 1 month (in the refrigerator) Net weight: 7g Produced in France Usable in organic farming

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