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The Kale&Me vision and mission
Fasting is a strange experience. We consciously do without something - and thus feel more intensely than ever. our body. Our thoughts. Ourselves.

At Kale&Me, we know how that feels. What's more, we know what a juice fast can do. Because we have experienced it ourselves. And we have accompanied many in fasting. We studied it, we understood it. We know that if you really juice fast, you experience a change. Per se. with himself. Out of himself. An experience that enriches your own life.

We are convinced that really big changes start quietly. That the strength is generated during the break to then start again. That the unbelievable can happen if we take the time to consciously give up. We know what power it releases, what clarity it creates, what vitality, what calmness it can trigger when you fast on juice.
Transformation, change - this is a conscious process. Fasting helps on this path to another, self-determined self. But it's not an easy path. Fasting means deprivation. But the experience everyone has along the way is overwhelming.

We rely on nature. On experience and knowledge. And uncompromising quality. We see the production of food as a responsible task. In everything we do, we are guided by our values. We produce locally. We deliver environmentally friendly. We avoid waste wherever and whenever possible.

Just as we produce our juices according to strict principles, we also understand our role as a company. We are committed to social projects. At Kale&Me, we believe that a business can make an honest and credible contribution.

Every change has a beginning. Sometimes that's a sip of juice.
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