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LaNaturel Europe

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  • Since 2018
We at LaNaturél have complete confidence in nature -
trust the power of nature too!

We made natural cosmetics - long before it became a trend! Because we know what a miraculous effect natural substances have when they are used correctly and how they can almost work miracles in combination with other components. Nature offers everything that is good for people. So why should we resort to chemistry when it is only harmful to our health and sooner or later could have fatal consequences. Researchers have found time and again that many care products made from synthetic ingredients contain carcinogens - even baby and child care products are not excluded.

It's also no longer a secret in medical research: Using deodorants with aluminum over a longer period of time increases the risk of breast cancer enormously in women. Also dangerous for men: the aluminum can lead to Alzheimer's. That is why we at LaNaturél consciously refrain from using aluminum in the manufacture of our deodorants. Nevertheless, they protect against increased sweating and armpit odor - and all without chemicals!

Amazing results: our soaps are little miracle cures! The best substances from nature compactly combined in one bar of soap. Many of our customers not only use the soaps to wash their hands, but also for personal hygiene or even their hair. Over the years, we've seen amazing results time and time again after our customers stopped using their conventional synthetic shampoos and switched to our natural soaps: their hair was much less greasy, the roots became stronger, the hair grew stronger and the hair looked overall healthier and shinier! We have also been making handmade soaps since 2019. The production of each individual soap takes more than 45 days. Good things take time!
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