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  • Since 2019
  • Distribution Monoprix, Carrefour France, La grande épicerie, Franprix, Auchan, Lelerc, G20, Cojean, Wild & the Moon, Maisie café, DS café, Sorella...
🏆The best Konjac pasta, LÏV is pasta with the calories of a carrot! 
Fondant, delicious, without cooking... 
forget everything you know about Konjac, with LÏV it’s the PASTA REVOLUTION!
❤️10 times fewer calories than pasta, with 35kcal per 100g, LÏV Happy Food is pasta with the calories of a carrot. 
For a 100% pleasure and 0% guilt meal.
⭐Low in sugars, without gluten or additives, LÏV is 100% natural. 
Whether you are diabetic, celiac, sporty or simply attentive to your figure, you will enjoy taking care of your health.
😋Gourmet texture with its new exclusive recipe combining konjac and oats, LÏV is tender and tasty like real pasta.  
LÏV is also a range of ready-made meals (with less than 250 calories per dish, gluten-free, made in France), healthy and gourmet recipe books to inspire your daily life and a range of natural food supplements!
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