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Moly the mythic antidote

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  • Since 2017
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MΩLY, the Mythic Antidote, is a Greek company specialized in producing 8 organic herbal teas from 34 differents herbs, in a way that you have definitely never seen before.
Our world-patented innovation lies in replacing the classic string of the tea bag with the stem of the Greek herb ""Sideritis"", giving the customer a chance to enjoy his beverage while actually touching an herb famous from ancient Greece (Hippocrates, Dioscuridis) to the present day.
This groundbreaking premium herbal tea offers a completely natural experience. MΩLY Herbal Teas are the opportunity for you to provide a unique beverage for your finest customers.
Our patent:
No additives, no caffeine, no sugar. MOLY products are hand prepared

The idea for the name “MOLY" originates from Greek Mythology and from Homer’s ‘Odyssey’:
Hermes, the Messenger of the Olympian gods, gave the herb ‘moly’ to Odysseus as an antidote to Circe's wizardry, when he went to her palace to rescue his friends.
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