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Anne Jensen

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  • Since 2003

The brand Anne Jensen was founded in 1997 by industry veteran Anne Jensen the designer and creator of the glass nail file shape c. Founded with a commitment to reinventing luxury and top quality beauty tools, Anne Jensen has carved a niche for it self as a innovative beauty brand with top quality and invention. Anne Jensen exist at the revolutionary of invention, beauty and luxury. The brand and its designs is acclaimed for it breakthrough ergonomic design, quality, technological innovation and commitment to reinvention. The beauty tools are made with the most groundbreaking design, finest steel quality, available to create the finest tools in the world. A state of art beauty tools creation.

For over 20 years, Anne Jensen has designed and developed trend-setting products based on new materials and new ingredients both in cosmetics and skinacre with success for many well-known and international companies in the cosmetics business , which have many times given these companies a unique position in the market. Anne Jensen was in the past invited to speak for young people about how to go to the market by the university of Sarasota. Anne Jensen Beauty brand was created in 2010 and the founder is every year invited to If Design award, Sparks award, Red Dot. Universal award.


After 20 years in the business with trend setting designs,Anne Jensen decided to create a street style trend setting cosmetics, skincare and fragrance line.People is unique and they deserve unique attention but at the same time, some of the greatest ideas are coming out of the blue air,
and often created because a person have a special needs which can be a tweezer with a better finger hold or a lipstick created on a new texture. About people want to feel unique is something we see everyday,its not a new thing but its new to pick the ideas up and form them into a cosmetics designer brand. Anne Jensen Beauty cosmetics line is made with unique created textures, modern colors and match every needs for a beautiful look what ever the look is. All cosmetics and skin care items are developed and created from scratch by Anne Jensen. Some of the products are trend setting natural based texture, based texture, new color pigment and new skincare ingredients.

Anne Jensen cosmetics line are created for women in all age of who want to spoil them self with some amazing great luxury products which match the time of the trend. Who care about them self, want to create a feel good experience every time they wear make up, skincare and fragrance Men and Women who want to pamper them self and want to feel unique. Women who want the latest trend in make up and skin care with all included. Anne Jensen Beauty is for sale in Usa, Scandinavia, Uk, France, Japan, Hong Kong by spa and salons.
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