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  • Since 2020
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Our story started in 2018 when we met at university. Both suffering from frequent colds and food intolerances, our enthusiasm for the almighty ginger grew as they implemented it into their daily food habits. As of 2021, GILI was launched to make a happiness drink where flavor meets nature!

Welcome to GILI, your gateway to pure vitality and exquisite flavors. We specialize in crafting 100% natural elixirs from exotic superfoods, such as ginger, that transcend refreshment. GILI's elixirs serve as revitalizing morning boosters, a base for creating wholesome long drinks (from lemonades to mocktails and cocktails), or even as a culinary spice.

At the heart of GILI's ethos lies our dedication to quality. We carefully cold-press our fruits into concentrates, ensuring artisanal excellence in every drop. With an unshakeable commitment to purity, we steer clear of additives like colorants and refined sugars, offering a healthy, low-calorie alternative. Our eco-friendly mission drives us to combat food waste and support sustainability which is evident in our (recycled) packaging.

Discover the embodiment of our values ​​through our signature lemonade range, where elixirs fizz for instant, ready-to-drink enjoyment. But our commitment goes further, inspiring us to innovate with sustainable by-products like our ginger-lemon herbal tea – a testament to our circular production process that upcycles ginger and lemon pulp through freeze-drying.

Experience the GILI difference – where nature's bounty meets craftsmanship, healthiness, and sustainability.
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