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  • Since 2020
La Ferme de l’Aritoire is a family story,

anchored in a historic territory, the Perche. As

this former province, the agricultural exploitation carries

its coat of arms, illustrated by ivy, the origin of our

surname, his emblematic animal and his workshops

of productions.

L’Aritoire, this locality with so much history has given its

name to this centuries-old farm. We pay homage to this

landscape where the first building was installed 300

years, on a land ceded in inheritance at the edge of a

stream that we crossed by fording or by the small bridge

stone to lead the animals to graze… Story of a

another era, utopia of my peasant origins

maybe, but it's the path that takes me.

It is with pride that I perpetuate this transmission


“Like the ivy, I attach myself and I persevere” Malvina
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