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  • Location Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
  • Since 2019
Our Premium Pili nuts, melting in the mouth, are harvested in the wild.
They come from the fruits of the Pili, a flowering tree (Canarium ovatum), which abounds in the lush tropical forest at the foot of the Mount Mayon volcano in the Bicol region of the Philippines. These lands are among the most fertile in the world, our Premium Pili Nuts are naturally grown without harmful chemicals and are certified free of pesticide residues.

The secret of our Premium Pili Nuts lies in our process, from tree to table.
- Germination
To stimulate their energy and nutritional capital, our Premium Pili nuts are carefully soaked in purified mountain spring water: by germination, they develop their extraordinary nutritional and mineral profile.
- Drying
Our Premium Pili Nuts are then subjected to our proprietary SloDryTM process. This process, which dries them very slowly, after germination, enriches them with delicate lipids and powerful proteins, and enhances their irresistible buttery texture, both fine and crunchy.

In accordance with the principles of fair trade, our Pili nuts are carefully selected and worked by hand by a team of highly qualified craftsmen, from their opening to their packaging in our ultramodern facilities, without any external intervention. Our laboratory is HACCP, GMP and HARCPC certified.

Our Premium Pili Nuts are amazing!
The Pili Nut is nicknamed the Chosen One.
It is claimed that anyone living near trees in Pili has everything they need for food, shelter or treatment.
Pili means the chosen one in Filipino.
Our Pili nuts are more than delicious.

Their remarkable nutritional benefits make them the most extraordinary nut on the planet:
- 100% natural
- gluten-free, cholesterol-free and trans fatty acids
- rich in magnesium good for the heart
- low glycemic index
- rich in healthy fats and omega-9 oils
- lowest net carb of all nuts
- naturally rich in protein and fiber
- healthy for the skin, with the highest levels of vitamin E
- certified non-GMO, Halal, Kosher and Vegan
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