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  • Since 2007
THÉMAÉ, the 1st Expert in Tea Polyphenols, has been a pioneer in integrative beauty care for almost 15 years. French natural brand, THÉMAÉ, offers a full range of cosmeceuticals with textures and fragrances that are the most pleasant for the face and body. Its patented technology, the Complex of 4 Teas® at the base of all its formulas, is an extract of 4 premium teas (White tea + Green tea + Black tea + Oolong blue tea). It concentrates the antioxidant and anti-free radical power of EGCG polyphenols to neutralize the free radicals responsible for skin aging.

THÉMAÉ also offers a selection of teas to drink to meet the daily needs for polyphenols and thus protect the skin from free radicals thanks to a global internal and external antioxidant defense strategy: “In & Out Tea Therapy”.
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