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  • Since 2019
Anatae offers matcha teas that are produced in Japan, more precisely in Nishio (Aichi) and Fujieda (Shizuoka), two cradles of this coveted fine green powder.

🇯🇵 The bewitching flavor of matcha and its long list of health benefits, the founder discovered them during a trip to Asia. An idea then started to trot in his head: to import, from Japan to France, a matcha of quality.
She then decides to spend several months traveling to the land of the rising sun, looking for a matcha producer who is the best of the best in terms of taste!

🍵 The matcha she was looking for also had to be adapted to French tastes. She wanted it very tasty, slightly bitter, almost sweet. It also and above all had to be organic.
Our matchas are made from 100% organic green tea powder.
It is their differences in production that give three different results: one matcha without bitterness, another very slightly bitter, and a third more bitter.

✨ Today, Anatae offers a delicious organic matcha, recognized for its benefits and having won the award for best organic product in 2022, as well as the prestigious Epicures award in 2023.
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