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  • Since 1923
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Caffè Ginevra Srl is a company that boasts a long family tradition and almost a century of activity.

Founded in 1923 by Cavaliere Massimino Ginevra, the company has always stood out for its care and commitment in the selection of raw coffee and in the composition of the blends.

At just 12 years old Massimino Ginevra began his adventure in the world of coffee. Massimino's father, in fact, opened a small food shop in the historic center of the city of Caltanissetta where the young Massimino, with a small hand roaster, began to roast his first raw coffee beans.

Over time, the Ginevra coffee shop became a point of reference in the city and transformed into a roastery. Years of experience led Massimino to perfect his art as a roaster, he was, in fact, able to create the most varied blends with different flavors and fragrances to satisfy every type of palate.

As time passed, Torrefazione Ginevra managed to win over customers in many cities in Sicily and with the arrival of Massimino's son, Pietro, in the company, they managed to win over numerous admirers even beyond national borders.
Today the company is a certified and authorized AEO operator.

Over the years we have always tried to maintain the ancient recipe of Cavaliere Massimino as the basis for all the blends, while managing to develop many variations.      

A medium degree of roasting characterizes Ginevra blends, differentiating it from the majority of blends produced in southern Italy.

Today, Caffè Ginevra uses the most sophisticated modern systems in the production process, always respecting the ancient recipe handed down over time.

Each blend follows a particular packaging process, specifically designed to guarantee and safeguard its original fragrance. Freshly roasted and ground, the coffee is enclosed in a velvety and soft package (soft touch) in a protected atmosphere with a one-way aroma-saving valve, which prevents oxygen from coming into contact with the product and altering its characteristics and taste.

The production of the mixtures is accompanied by rigorous and continuous quality controls, traceability and HACCP controls, following international environmental and quality regulations and standards.
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