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Quality rhymes with proximity!
All our floral waters are obtained according to the rules of the art, with total control of the quality, the traceability of our plants, the distillation process and finally the packaging carried out in France (Occitanie).
Fleurir has set up strong and committed partnerships with our various producers in Morocco and in France with our Moroccan cooperative.

Unique and exclusive partnerships have been set up with our producers in Morocco, located mainly in the Kelaa M'gouna region, as well as our cooperative.
The quality is unique due to an exceptional unpolluted environment and perfect weather, but also and of course due to the meticulous work carried out by everyone, especially during the flower harvest and distillation periods.
Here we mainly work with rose (harvest and distillation) and orange blossom (harvest in the neighboring region and distillation).

A second equally strong and very qualitative partnership is in place with a single French producer in the Gers this time.
This one works and distills all the other floral waters for us.
In the same line as Morocco, here trust and know-how are the key words that predominate on a daily basis, everything is done to ensure that quality is at the rendezvous.Fleurir and its partners have high quality equipment for to be able to distill our plants according to the rules of the art.

All our floral waters are obtained by a gentle distillation, at low pressure with water vapour.
The floral eyes being very fragile to bacterial contamination, they are then filtered at 0.2 microns in order to limit the risk of contamination.

All our plants come from farmers specialized in their field in Morocco or France.
They are all grown on land devoid of pollution, on which there has never been the slightest toxic product and of course, our products are certified Bio Ecocert.

Example: The picking of roses begins very early at dawn, exactly when the flower, sip of dew, has the highest concentration of perfume...
Once harvested, the flowers are immediately distilled to prevent them from withering and their qualities from deteriorating.
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