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Coffret de biscuits Saint Valentin
Le French Biscuit

Box of Valentine's Day Cookies

For this Valentine's Day, we are proud to present our new box developed in collaboration with Mieux que Des Fleurs to offer you much more than cookies: cookies offering 6 "good for...": 1. GOOD for a kiss (at least 37 seconds long) 2. GOOD for saying yes to everything (even cooking dinner) 3. GOOD for a hug (right to hug tight) 4. GOOD for a declaration (in alexandrines obviously) 5. VOUCHER for a massage (unlimited duration) 6. GOOD for a trip (I will go where you go) This Valentine's Day promises to be delicious and generous...! We hope that your customers will appreciate this dual use of biscuits and discover the original world of our partner Mieux Que des Fleurs.

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