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Si Si La Paillette

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  • Since 2019
  • Distribution Les Boudeuses, Mamamushi, Nuoo, Makosmé, Le Clown de la République, Plouf / Marketplaces : Nature et Découvertes, Dream Act, I Make
  • Instagram 4068 followers
Si Si La Paillette is the first French brand of biodegradable glitter.
Our flakes, made from regenerated plant cellulose, degrade in less than 5 weeks against hundreds of years for plastic flakes.
Shine is important, shine without polluting is vital for the planet!
Our biodegradable glitter is just as bright as conventional glitter, and is respectful of the skin as well as the environment!
They are used for make-up, home cosmetics or even creative hobbies.
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