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SOUJI is an innovation. It is the fastest, easiest and safest method of recycling and reusing used cooking oil. Ever after cooking, have you asked yourself and now ... what do I do with this residue? In case you don't know, 1 L of oil pollutes up to 1000000L of water, its impact on the environment is enormous, as well as on our pockets, since it causes 90% of pipe clogs and makes water purification 7 times more difficult. That is why two young Spaniards have wanted to present their option. A liquid based on compounds of mineral and vegetable origin, achieved after 3 years of research, which when mixed with used oil, in the correct proportions, and shaken for 1 minute, becomes a sustainable multipurpose detergent, with a pleasant aroma and no no risk of manipulation. The solution is based on the traditional way of making homemade soap, but with significant differences: It is safe to handle, does not contain caustic soda, or any corrosive compound. Mixing is done in 1 minute, it is practically instantaneous. It does not need an external heat source, it is done cold. A liquid detergent with a pleasant aroma and creamy texture remains, it completely kills the smell of oil. Its use is multiple, it is recommended as a laundry detergent, floor cleaner and dishwasher ... Don't you believe it? Try it for yourself. The project has several awards such as the European environment award in the Spanish section, two certificates of excellence from the EU, the first innovation award from Eit Food Grand18, the Peta certification (it is cruelty free) in addition to being considered by the Institute of Toxicology as non-polluting and highly biodegradable for the marine environment, and has external audits that confirm that it belongs to the ecological product range and is 96% less polluting than a common detergent. Not to mention its novel packaging, which is also environmentally friendly. Compostable cardboard cover bottle, doy pack bag with 70% less plastic than a rigid container, and 20L bag in box for bulk sale of the product.
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