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  • Since 2017
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In twenty years of business we have built a solid company that combines respect for traditions and nature with a modern and rational approach.
A thousand almond trees and almost 4000 olive trees are our main resource. We harvest the fruit partly by hand and partly with compressor harvesters that do not damage the plant.
The Cumbo Frantoio di Aragona, with its one hundred and fifty years of activity in compliance with the canons of the master millers, takes care of the cold pressing, with great care for each stage of the process. The oil produced is then stored in steel silos under nitrogen to preserve its organoleptic characteristics.
The legend tells that in ancient times an ox used to squat suddenly while plowing a field. The farmer, intrigued, wanted to dig where the ox knelt every day and found a wooden cross, which is still preserved today in the church of Santa Croce and is considered one of the oldest finds of the early Christian era.
The lands around our company are steeped in this fantastic tale and we like to think that the soil that nourishes our olive and almond trees still retains that ancient sacredness. At the same time we are well aware that the secret of quality lies in the right balance between tradition and innovation.
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