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Matcha Ceremony tea 30 g

Matcha Ceremony tea 30g

FLAVOR & SWEETNESS | NO BITTERNESS Ingredients: 100% organic matcha green tea powder 1 cup = approximately 1 g of matcha 🍵 MATCHA PREPARATION: Pour 70 ml of water at 70-75°C over 1 g of matcha, i.e. a level teaspoon, whisk (or mix) until it foams, and drink. 👉🏽 For a LATTE version, hot or cold, complete with the milk of your choice, and it's ready! Matcha can also be used in pastries, ice creams, smoothies... 🌱 WHICH MATCHA TO CHOOSE: Make your choice thanks to the desired and appreciated degree of bitterness. It is this bitterness that mainly differentiates our three matchas. 🌱 STORAGE: Keep your matcha jar tightly closed in a cool, dry place (in a cupboard not exposed to the sun, for example). Its taste and benefits will be optimal for 3-4 months after opening. 🌱 THE PARTICULARITIES OF OUR MATCHA CEREMONY: The harvest and the production are 100% manual, which allows to obtain a matcha without bitterness. In the spring, in Nishio (Japan 🇯🇵), our farmers hand-harvested the youngest leaves from their tea bushes. They were thus able to really choose the leaves richest in antioxidants, those that do not contain bitterness. The leaves were then steamed for a few seconds to set their properties. Later, to avoid any bitterness and keep only the tender heart of each leaf, the part richest in benefits, the main veins of the leaves were carefully removed by hand. This expert work makes this matcha a product of unrivaled quality. Finally, after being carefully dried, the leaves were ground between two granite millstones, to finally obtain a 100% natural powder, very rich in flavors, and without any bitterness. This matcha is a powerful green powder with an authentic flavor from the heights of Japan. 🌱 ZERO CHEMICALS: All our tea trees live to the rhythm of nature, mixed with an incredible multitude of insects that we leave at home in peace. Box capacity: 30 grams A little info for connoisseurs: Cultivar Yabukita

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